• Detox – Matcha Starters kit

    Matcha Starters kit: The perfect way to start with matcha. In addition to a ‘normal’ matcha, try making a matcha latte by adding milk as well. If you have gained more experience, there are still many possibilities where you can process matcha.

    The Japanese set:

    • 180 ml matcha bowl: white or black
    • bamboo beater (chasen)
    • bamboo scoop (chasaku)
    • cotton infinitea bag
    • matcha bag of your choice: matcha uji (pure) | matcha ginger | matcha lemon | matcha latte (coconut blossom sugar)

    IMPORTANT : Please indicate in the notes whether you want a white or black bowl and which flavor matchaMethod for an original matcha:

    1. 1-2 (to taste) full scoop with the bamboo scoop in the matcha bowl (heat the bowl if necessary)
    2. add a little water to make a thick paste of the matcha and then 70-100ml hot (70-80 ° C) water, if necessary add more to taste
    3. beat the matcha with the bamboo beater in an ‘M’ or ‘W’ shape for a maximum of 15 seconds, so that a nice light green foam layer appears on the matcha
    4. Enjoy the matcha!

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