EFoodMarkt is Netherlands' first online marketplace exclusively for Food & Beverages.

EFoodMarkt is a one-stop shop where consumers can search, find, and buy food products for their various needs and wishes. One single venue, one single check-out.

From fresh produces, bakes & pastries, prepared & packaged foods, delicatessen, to health and plant-based foods, it is an “Everything-food Store” for all products outside of supermarkets and on-demand delivery segments.

EFoodMarkt is a simple, low-cost, and transparent food-commerce solution.

Bolstered by rising demand amid pandemic, E-commerce and distance selling has become the inevitable way forward for food retail. We share and understand the struggles of small, traditional businesses, and food entrepreneurs in finding and growing their markets when having limited resources and online capabilities.

Through an integrated platform, we want to empower small and micro food businesses to maximise their online sales potential while creating additional economic opportunity for all others.

One-stop shop for Food & Beverages

Connect consumers to local vendors and beyond

Convenient and secure online shopping

Low-cost and transparent

Local connections & beyond

Low-cost and transparent

Sales analytics

Compound marketing effect & brand visibility


To become Netherlands' largest online food marketplace outside supermarket and on-demand delivery segment.

We strive to bring consumers a convenient and seamless online food shopping experience with product diversity and local connections that help shorten the food supply chain.  

With comprehensive admin and analytic tools on the platform, we take away the technical burdens and minimise cost barriers from small, micro and traditional food businesses while synergising on marketing effort to help them maximise their online sales potentials. We make sure NOONE IS LEFT BEHIND in the digital transformation of food service.

Do what you do best, we'll take care of the rest!

EFoodMarkt is built on both vendors and consumers’ interests at heart. Our vision for growth includes an integrated service-matching function for vendors and logistic providers (B2B2C) to create complete and seamless food shopping experience. There has been an increasing number of last-mile delivery solutions in different cities across the Netherlands, many of them by start-ups. By connecting them to the marketplace, both sides of the supply chain and consumers can benefit from cheaper and more efficient delivery options.


A new food shopping experience for consumers

  • The one-stop shop for everything food!
  • Product discovery: Not only will you find your local favourites, you will also be introduced to many exciting products and offerings from food vendors across the country. You might be surprised to see those you did not know or could not find before!
  • Price discovery: With a variety of offerings and vendors on the marketplace, consumers can easily compare and review pricing and quality.
  • Quality: We screen and work with vendor closely to ensure quality and relevance of offerings
  • Convenience: No more time-consuming searches and multiple orders, you can now search, find, choose, and buy with a single check-out.
  • Secured shopping: Safe online payments with iDeal and credit cards.

Empowering e-commerce solution for every food business

  • Simple and hassle-free online selling: List-and-sell what/where/how you want with free set-up support and zero IT burden.
  • Transparent and low-cost fee structure: No monthly fee, no listing fee, only pay-as-you-sell
  • Increased online reach: Either as your sole online sales channel or an additional one, you and your products will reach more consumers
  • Easy and complete management of your online store with own promotional campaigns, automatic invoicing, and FREE sales reporting
  • Product discovery: Your brand visibility can benefit from searches and comparisons on the platform which can also result in more impulse purchases
  • Reduced marketing costs: Vendors will benefit from marketing efforts by EFoodMarkt, allowing them to channel these spending to other areas in customer acquisition.
  • Direct payment: sales proceeds will be automatically paid to your account, after deducting for payment fees and commissions.
  • Delivery support: In phase 1, vendors will operate with their own delivery methods. In phase 2 (expected 2021), EFoodMarkt aims to connect vendors to last-mile delivery services in their areas to aggregate deliveries to customers in the same cities
  • Local connections: we encourage buying/selling locals through location filtering to help shorten the supply chain and allow vendors to build a closer relationship with their home customers

Our timeline

May 2020
Development Starts
Vendor Onboarding
First line-up of >15 food businesses with 100+ products More in pipeline
Soft Launch
Storefronts open to Vendors
Vendor Payment onboarding
~20 vendors across country
Customer acquisition
Dec 2020
Target 100 vendors; 50%-75% revenue growth/month
Platform enhancement with API integration Logistics integration Expand product types (e.g. subscriptions)

Our Vendors

We work with local and trusted food producers, innovative food startups, and passionate food vendors who commit to quality, customer satisfaction and have unique stories about them and their products. Together, we want EFoodMarkt to be a safe and fun new food shopping & selling experience for everyone!

The list is growing as we speak!

Meet Our team

Ha Pham


Trang Nguyen


Robert Downey Jr

CEO Founder

Robert Downey Jr

CEO Founder

Robert Downey Jr

CEO Founder

Robert Downey Jr

CEO Founder

Robert Downey Jr

CEO Founder

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